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4 Eco-Conscious Quarantine Binge-Watches…And Some Honourable Mentions

Now more than ever, there is an emphasis on staying home during this quarantine. If you’re like me, you’re on week five of WFH. So, if you’re looking for new ways to keep busy, try adding some of these into your daily routine – reading an article or book, cooking, baking, working out, keeping in touch with friends and family through video chat apps and watching new movies and shows. Spoiler alert, I’m here to recommend some to you!

As the weather becomes nicer, it will be harder and harder to stay indoors, and that’s where these films come in handy. I want to provide some recommendations for eco-conscious films to watch during your quarantine. Since we all have a responsibility to do our job and stay apart, these films should keep you entertained while you’re safely nestled on your couch. Although I highly recommend getting up in-between your binge sessions to get some fresh air and maybe some food!

There are many categories of eco-conscious films. There are films about water, oil, cars, nature, wildlife, you name it, it probably exists. My hope is that you have an interest in one of these areas and find a film that catches your eye. Whether you fully embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle, want to learn more about being eco-conscious, or simply just to watch a good film, this list should have something for everyone.

Animated Movies

  1. Wall-E

Honourable mentions:

  1. Bambi

  2. The Lorax

  3. Princess Mononoke

  4. Happy Feet

  5. Horton Hears a Who

Fiction Movies

  1. Okja

Honourable mentions:

  1. Free Willy

  2. Avatar

  3. Interstellar

  4. The Day After Tomorrow

  5. Waterworld

Non-Fiction Movies

  1. Erin Brockovich

Honourable mentions:

  1. Gorillas in the Mist

  2. Dark Waters

  3. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

  4. Deep Water Horizon

  5. Beasts of the Southern Wild


  1. The Cove

Honourable mentions:

  1. Tomorrow

  2. Time to Choose

  3. Mother – Caring for 7 Billion

  4. Cowspiracy

  5. Chasing Coral

  6. Racing Extinction

  7. Wasteland

  8. Can You Dig This

  9. Blackfish / The Ivory Game

  10. Before the Flood

I hope this list provides some new insight into the abundance of eco-conscious films that are available to us. I’ve tried to offer up a good mix of films that came from my personal catalogue, recommendations from friends and family, and movies I need to watch myself. These films should keep any household entertained. So kick-back, gather your housemates, grab some popcorn and let these films take you away.

And if none of these films do it for you, drop us a comment below and let us know which films you think should have been included!

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